CodeRed Message - May 18, 2020

Posted on Monday May 18, 2020

Good afternoon

This message is from the Foxfire Police Department.

The warm Springtime temperatures are bringing residents outdoors to work in their yards, enjoy a walk at the park or play a round of golf.   It also brings out various wildlife such as fox, racoon, and deer.

With the recent case of a rabid fox in the Pinehurst area, we would like to remind residents of the following.

If you witness any wildlife acting strangely, do not approach it or touch it.  Immediately report it to the Village Police Department at (910) 995-0174

In the event that you get bit by wildlife, seek immediate medical attention and report the bite to the Village Police Department.

If your domestic pet is bitten by a wild animal, immediately report the bite to Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services at (910) 947-2858, especially if your pet is not current on rabies vaccinations. 

If there is a dead animal in the roadway, do not touch it. Contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation at 910-947-2233.

Thank you and have a safe summer.