Village Council

Boito Headshot

Don Boito - Mayor

Don Boito moved to Foxfire Village in September of 2012 from NE Ohio.  Don Spent over 20 years as a Field Artillery and Cavalry Officer, both on active service in Vietnam and in the National Guard.   He has commanded at the Battery and Squadron level retiring in 1994.   He worked in the civilian sector in logistics and supply chain management serving the automotive and aerospace industries.  He is a graduate of the University of Akron and the US Army Command and Staff College. He has spent 2 years sitting on the Foxfire Planning and Zoning Board.  

Don is married to his high school sweetheart Nancy.  They have 2 children, son Scott who lives with his family in Tennessee.   Their daughter, Jeannie and her husband are in Texas where Jeannie is serving with the U.S. Army.Don and Nancy have 3 grandchildren, Kieran, Killeen, and Sinea.



Janice Gregorich
Mayor Pro-Tem and Finance Officer

Janice Gregorich moved to Foxfire in 2012 from Northwest Connecticut. Janice retired in 2012 after spending 20 years running a family-owned manufacturing company. Prior to operating the business, she worked 20 years as a Business Systems Analyst for the Hartford Insurance Group in Connecticut. Janice has extensive experience centered around data and financial controls, business administration, HR, and State and Federal Compliance Reporting.

GARY J. SAMUELS - Water Department
Gary is a twenty two year veteran of the United States Air Force. During his military career he provided security for bases in Germany, California and Louisiana before being selected to teach at the Law Enforcement Technical school in San Antonio, TX. He was selected to work at the major command headquarters, responsible for Law Enforcement training including Military Working Dogs for thirteen Air Force bases. He retired as the Superintendent of Law Enforcement at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio. After his years in the service he joined Gordon Food Service where he worked for twenty years. He spent the bulk of his tenure as a product manager. Gary developed, implemented and managed an online ordering system as well as an Inventory and Recipe management system for restaurant owners and executive chefs. He retired as an E-Business Product Manager. Upon retiring from his second career he and his wife decided to sell everything and travel the country for a couple of years seeing the sites and meeting new people. Traveling in an Airstream, they traversed the U.S. seeing and experiencing some of this beautiful country and meeting amazing people along the way. When it came time to settle down, they settled on Foxfire Village in 2019 because of its quiet rural setting and, of course golf!! They had been coming to Pinehurst in the Spring for about 15 years visiting good friends, enjoying the good weather and great golf, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to want to settle here. Gary has always felt a sense of wanting to give back and volunteering for most of his life. As a young boy he helped organize a brass choir (he plays trumpet) playing at Assisted Living Facilities and around his neighborhood during Christmas. During his years in the service he volunteered for many committees and even donned the McGruff the Crime Dog costume to help increase police-community awareness and crime prevention. Later he became a board member for Leadership Clark County which is an organization that helps raise awareness and provide assistance to the underserved people in the community. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity was also a very memorable experience Since his arrival in Foxfire, Gary joined and was later elected Chairman of the Foxfire Men’s Golf Association and volunteered for a seat on the Foxfire Planning and Zoning Committee in 2021. Gary is married, has one adult child and four beautiful granddaughters.

JANET NAUMAN - Streets and Park
Over 30 years ago, my husband Ron and I made our first trip to Foxfire while on vacation. We fell in love with the area and knew we wanted to make Foxfire the place we would retire to from Illinois, which led us to purchase our lot way back then. On our visits throughout the years we would see the potential of Foxfire, the charming surroundings and the community friendship. Fast forward to 2019, we started building our house and moved in April of 2020. We are extremely delighted to be in our forever home. The current projections for growth in Foxfire have made this an exciting time to be a resident. I have witnessed the forward momentum of the current board and it is important to me to be in a position where I can contribute to the management of this growth. The strategic plan of the village is well established and we need council members who are committed to working as a team to continue this plan. My goal as a board member of the Village council is to represent the interests of the residents of our community, be a member who listens to the residents and make decisions/plans which benefit both the residents and the village. I will be diligent in making sure our village will continue to be an affordable, safe, welcoming and livable village for all our residents, where all are welcome. I am also a board member of the FPOA (Foxfire Property Owners Association). I was a fully licensed insurance agent over 40 years and spent my career in some form of insurance sales. The last 14 years of my career I was a Vice President of Sales for a national managed care company for workers’ compensation. I have an extensive background negotiating contracts with most major insurance companies such as State Farm & Auto Owners and employers such as Ford Motor Company. I was also President of our community well association for our subdivision in Illinois for 24 years.

DONALD NELSON - Public Safety
I grew up in a rural dairy community in Wisconsin, where I lived all my childhood. I studied architectural design at the University of Wisconsin Stout in Menominee. After attending, I joined the Army/National Guard where I served for 7 years. I served as the commander of an M60 tank. To put that in perspective, an M60 tank would mostly be seen today as a museum attraction. I married my wife Sonja around the same time. My wife is from the same town that I grew up in, and we went to high school together. We have two children, a daughter who lives in Southern Pines, and a son, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. While serving, I began a construction company with a partner, called Dairyland construction. We would go on to build over 200 homes. We also owned a lumber and hardware supply company, called Dairyland Building Supply. From the profits of my companies, I went on to acquire, with my business partners: 4 Hardee's restaurants, 3 motels, 28 car wash locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, as well as 18 Auto Lube centers. In 2008, I moved from Wisconsin to Foxfire to be closer to my family. In the time I've lived here, I have served on the FPOA board for 6 years, served on the Golf Association board for 4 years, last year as president. Throughout my career in construction and ownership of various businesses, I have developed a strong sense of leadership and duty to my community.