Board of Adjustment


The Board of Adjustment is a "Quasi-Judicial" administrative body consisting of five regular members and one alternate.  Four regular members are citizens and residents of Foxfire Village, appointed by the Village Council. One regular member is a citizen of Moore County and resides outside of the Village limits but within the extraterritorial jurisdiction boundaries of the Village, and is appointed by the Moore County Commissioners.  The alternate member is a citizen and resides within Foxfire Village appointed by the Village Council.



The duties of the Board of Adjustment are to hear appeals from and review any order, requirement or decision made by the Zoning Administrator, to grant Special Use Permits as required by the zoning ordinance and to grant variances to the requirements of the zoning ordinance when practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships result from carrying out the strict letter of the ordinance.


The Board of Adjustment meets “as needed.”


Board Members

Brian Manley - Chairman

21 Cardinal Dr.

Foxfire Village

(Term expires 2022)


Dennis Micallef – Vice Chairman

4 S. Shamrock Dr.

Foxfire Village

(Term expires 2021)


Jon Bachelder

5 Hillside Dr.

Foxfire Village

(Term expires 2020)


John Hunter 

30 N. Shamrock Dr.

Foxfire Village

(Term expires 2022)


Neil Tighe

455 Tufts Vista Rd.

Jackson Springs (ETJ)

(Term expires 2021)