Open Burning

Sec. 14-1 Burning of Brush, Yard Waste, Etc.


  1. Burning of any materials, including leaves, pine straw, grass, brush, or other waste material is prohibited upon any land within the village corporate limits unless the property is 5 acres or larger. Fires on such property shall take wind speed and direction into consideration at the time of burning. Burning trash is prohibited regardless of property size.

  2. Burning is prohibited on or in any public right-of-way or public ground, unless authorized by the Village Council as part of a fire prevention or land restoration program.

  3. Burning on property 5 acres or larger must meet the following criteria:
  • The burning complies with all applicable NC Fire Codes and NC Division of Air Quality standards.

  • A completed online burning permit from the state is presented to the Village Clerk in advance of the burning and the burn complies with all stated conditions of the permit.  The online burning permit may be found at:

  • Person(s) requesting to burn acknowledge they have reviewed the NC air quality regulations. Air quality regulations can be found at

  • The burning is approved and permitted by the Village Clerk in writing.  Burning may be denied for good cause as to a particular location, fuel type, and or the existing environmental conditions, or when the burning may interfere with other scheduled events.

  • Person(s) requesting to burn land clearing debris such as logs and stumps may be required to use an air curtain burner.